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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Registration Issues

Registration error: Wrong country

I get the registration error "The customer country is not the same with the computer location"

Write to the and indicate the new country including the information to locate your order.

Family license is not accepted.

After registering and starting the program, I get the message: "Running in a Windows NT domain." or "Running in a Windows Server." followed by "Family license is not accepted". The program then goes back to the registration dialog.

The family license has a great discount and come with restrictions. Write to support for a refund or instructions to purchase an upgrade to a Small Office license.

Offline registration

Can I register the program Total Uninstall offline?

Internet access in required during registration

License transfer

How many times can I transfer the license for one PC between two systems/PC?

Only once, since the transfer is irreversible. The transfer is still possible on another system. If the old system is reinstalled, it is considered a new system, and the license can be transferred again to it.

General or miscellaneous

Where does Total Uninstall save backup copies of uninstalled programs?

Where does Total Uninstaller save the backup copies made before programs are uninstalled? I need to restore a program.

To restore a program from backup, from the main program interface go to File -> Restore a program from backup...

Backup files are stored by default in the following location:
C:\ProgramData\Martau\Total Uninstall 7\Backup

Unable to change program data path

Total Uninstall ignore the program data path settings.

The program must be registered with a key for professional edition.

Installed programs functional module

Weird programs in the list

I have a few entries in Installed Programs list that have Exclamation Points within a yellow circle. The names are not normal "{A6A24AE4-B39D-4CB4-87B4-2F83217025FF}". What the exclamation point means within TU.

Those are remnants of MSI products or partial installations. You decide if is something useful or not. If not, uninstall them. If the detected changes do not show anything related to a product that you are using, then it is safe to uninstall it.

Monitored programs functional module

Monitoring installations that require a reboot

What to do if the monitored installations require a reboot in the middle of the installation process?

Simply allow the reboot. Total Uninstall will close and start with Windows to finish the monitoring process. Between pre-install and post-install you can do anything on your system that you want to be monitored. You can reboot several times, install several programs or manual edit registry etc. At the end will be a single log.

Scanning phase

Total Uninstall is slow doing the snapshot.

Possible causes:
- The antivirus is interfering with the scanning process. Configure the antivirus to ignore Total Uninstall activities.
- A physical error on the HDD could trigger a sector relocation. The symptom is that the entire system is freezing during this operation during a few seconds.
- It is a delay because of the file system cache miss which implies an HDD physical access on the first use after reboot.