Monitor installation of new programs to have the guarantee of a perfect uninstall

Total Uninstall - Installation monitor benefits

1. Start the monitoring process

Before a program will be installed create a system snapshot with one click.

Total Uninstall - Begin monitoring process Total Uninstall - pre-install snapshot creation

2. Install the program as usual

The installation can be started from Total Uninstall interface but is not required. The name of the installed program will be detected automatically. After installation just ran the installed program once and close it. Then continue with the next step.

Total Uninstall - Install the monitored program

3. Finish the monitoring process

One additional click on the "Program is installed" button to finish the process.

Total Uninstall - post-install snapshot creation End of installation monitor process

The result

Detailed changes about monitored installation easy to explore, search, modify or uninstall.

Total Uninstall - monitored program changes