Batch uninstaller, uninstall multiple programs at once

Manually uninstalling multiple programs, one by one, it is a time-consuming operation. If there are extra steps to create a system restore point, a backup copy and, to review and delete the leftovers for each program, the time is even longer. There are a few batch uninstallers that claim to solve this problem launching every uninstaller one after another, however, the user has to go through every discrete uninstall. Total Uninstall handle the batch uninstall in a unique way. It will try to uninstall multiple programs with minimum user intervention.

1. Switch to bundle selection mode and check the candidate programs.

Select multiple programs to be uninstalled. Total Uninstall will start automatically the bundle analysis process. Once the analysis is complete, all items related to the selected programs are available for review.

Batch uninstaller windows 7 - analysis

2. Open the Uninstall dialog and start the uninstall process

Press the Uninstall toolbar button to open the Uninstall dialog.

Batch uninstall - analysis is finished

Total Uninstall will pre-select the standard uninstall profile for analyzed bundle. Press the Launch button to begin the uninstall process.

Start to uninstall multiple programs Batch uninstaller, uninstall multiple programs

The non standard or badly implemented built-in uninstallers will still request manual intervention or will pop-up some confirmation dialogs.

3. Remove the leftovers

Press the Uninstall button to remove the leftovers.

Total Uninstall begin to remove leftovers. Total Uninstall removes leftovers.

Bach uninstall is finished